Strip for Monday, February 27, 2006
Well, there you are: the last episode of 5031. This seems like a good point to thank my housemates for consenting to becoming characters in the strip, as well as thanking anyone who's encouraged me or offered constructive criticism. I hope you've enjoyed reading for the past 18 months, and please remember to keep checking back for news about my next comics project, which I plan to launch in April.

Missing 5031 already? Well, never fear, a temporary solution is at hand: the reward for voting for 5031 on the Webcomics List this week is a final 5031 bonus comic. That's right, it's barely over and already I'm resurrecting it! But this is definitely the last one, I swear.

I saw Against Me! at Enigma Bar last Thursday and because I love you, here's a little review:

Arriving at Enigma Bar early and finding the doors not yet open, I went for a wander through some alleys and found myself approached by overzealous policemen demanding to know what I was doing back there. I should have replied "Shooting up drugs and doing graffiti", but I wanted to actually make it to the show in one piece.

Doors opened at 8 and soon after A Death In The Family made their appearance. Their style of rock wasn't the screamo conjured up by their name, but their songs did tend to sound like each other for the most part, and they didn't make a big impression on me.

Brisbane's The Disables were up next, beginning their show with ASIO. I wasn't familiar with much of their material, but they played an impressive set of old school punk rock 'n' roll (somewhat similar to H-Block 101) that was well-received by much of the crowd. They were clearly excited to be in Adelaide for the first time, and with one of their favourite bands. Their set included a Pogues cover and concluded with The Girls Don't Like Us 'Cause We Don't Play Football.

It's about 18 months since Florida's strident folk-punkers Against Me! last played Enigma, and in the interim they released their excellent Searching For A Former Clarity album. They took the stage a bit earlier than expected and powered their way through a show that emphasised the rock and minimised the chit-chat. Recent songs such as the political protest From Her Lips To God's Ears (The Energizer) and the emphatic Don't Lose Touch got the crowd moving just as much as older songs like Sink, Florida, Sink, and Tom Gabel's resonant voice was echoed by the audience throwing the lyrics back at him with passion. For the final song, the crowd surged forward and a dozen people took to the stage to join in — a union between crowd and band which was exhilarating to witness. Unfortunately, the common bond of music didn't extend to some people who effectively destroyed equipment including microphones and cables, and the band left the stage annoyed.

No doubt for this reason, there was no encore, despite the majority of the audience (who weren't aware of the damage) calling for one long after the house music had been turned on and the stage lights turned off — an ending which put a bit of a dampener on an otherwise invigorating evening.


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